Mashu Mashu theatre

Who we are

The Mashu-Mashu theatre was established in 2009 by the initiative of Mirit Yanai, in together with Yael Gideony, both of whom are graduates of the Seminar Hakibutsim. They aspired to form a group of artists, who work together and are rooted within a local community. (Away from the Gush Dan swamp:)). 

Later that year, the group was invited by the New Spirit Association and the Yuvalim Community Council to work in the Kiryat Yuval neighborhood in West Jerusalem. Kiryat Yuval is a neighborhood of 70,000 people, and is a microcosm of Israeli society for its challenges – diverse sectors, some in conflict (veterans and immigrants, ultra-Orthodox and secular people), and its many benefits: community, family, mutual guarantee and community activism.

In the first years, the members of the group moved from the center of the country to Jerusalem, and other members were recruited from the Jerusalem high school of Art (Nissan Nativ, the Hebrew University, and the School of Visual Theatre).

Since 2018, Yael Gideony has served as the theatre ‘s CEO and artistic director

Our goal:

Opening a double-sided door of inspiration with the community

Create artistic events with a community social impact, alongside creating professional and inspiring theatre performances.

Over the years, we have led dozens of cultural events in the public space in Kiryat Yuval and in the greater Jerusalem area. In addition, we created 16 social plays for adults and children that were performed anywhere from community centers to festivals abroad.

In 2013, we became a registered non profit association and since then we are the proud owners of the certificate of Proper Management and a Form A- 46.

In 2013 we were assigned a warm and homely studio (meanwhile underground) at 5 Moshe Kleinman Street.

Our current vision is to become a home for artists in West Jerusalem, for a  growing community of about 50 Jerusalem artists who use the studio (which is above ground, with a flowering garden). To create, a home for creation, workshops, a meeting place for artists and a stage for artistic expression.

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Thanks to all the people who were so meaningful along the way

Mirit Yanai, co-founder and CEO of the theatre in the early years, Bar Pesach, Vered Regev, Erez Ben, Hagar Smith, Ariel Doron, Eran Feller, Nir Landa – creators and actors who were ensemble members and moved on.

Reuven Ulmansky, Ofer Ravid, Ofer Berkowitz – members of the first committee of the theatre.

And more: Kobi Frig, Hamutal Guri, Nitzan Barak, Ziv Davidov, Nirit Rosler (our legendary organizational consultant!) Elisheva Mazia, Einat Ashdot, Shira Yanai and Esther Zion Atan

To our current committee – Tal Kligman, Gadi Weisbert, and the (dedicated) audit committee Yishai Cohen and Alik Almog.