So who are we anyway?

The Mashu-Mashu Theater for Social Change! Haven’t heard of us? (soon to come to your neighborhood too..!) We got together in 2009, left Tel Aviv, and moved to Jerusalem as a professional theater community with a vision: to settle in a neighborhood and try to realize an experiment – the establishment of a Theater for Social Change.

What does it mean?

To be a group of artists that creates and explores within and with the inspiration of the society in which it works, and that aspires to break down barriers between people.</

Our idea is to create a neighborhood cultural revolution bringing theater to the residents, by initiating and producing cultural and artistic events in the public domain, and empowering the community through art (theater for youth at risk, theater for elderly residents, an Ethiopian youth choir, a women’s group and more).

We are a social organization – part of the group’s revenues from marketing its productions around the country is directed to empowering artistic activities in the neighborhood (such as this project!).

For the last five years or so, the troupe has spearheaded social-artistic activism in the Kiryat Yovel neighborhood, inspired by its social ideology, and through the utilization of Jerusalem’s unique social conditions (those who have ears will hear…)

Bulldozer or theater?

Between two large neighborhoods in Jerusalem sits “Asbestos Wadi” – also known as “Bustina” – a fantastic valley that spreads out over 200 dunams. Many eyes are set on this green space with the intention of making more $$$ “green” $$$.

What are we proposing?

To create a “tea-atron” amphitheater and transform a section of the park into a cultural complex that will include a stone amphitheater and community coffee house. Thus, we hope, we will help the wadi remain a truly green space – for community get-togethers, entertainment and culture. The cultural corner is being built right now with the cooperation of residents, youth and additional communities from the neighborhood.

During the Pesah holiday we will hold our first event in the complex: a Tea-atron Festival over three days that will include plays, workshops and performances over a cup of tea/coffee/wine, in order to bring quality art to our “back yard”. As part of our creative process, we are engaging in as many cooperative partnerships as possible around these initiatives, and in particular this unique event:

And you?

With your generous contribution we can:

And of course we look forward to seeing you at the festival:
Hol HaMoed Pesah – April 16-18
Wednesday and Thursday from 16:00 to 21:00
Friday from 10:00 to 16:00
You can find a full program on the festival Facebook page: תה-אטרון בחצר האחורית

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