The Golden Age Theater Troupe is a partnership between the Yovelim Community Council and the Mashu-Mashu Theater for Social Change.
A theater troupe for senior citizens that creates plays from the life experiences of the group members, and performed publicly.

The plays are performed in front of family and community members in the neighborhood, and a special emphasis is put on presenting them to young audiences, with the thought of presenting them with the full life perspectives of their senior neighbors, dispelling “ageism” and bringing different sectors together.

Among the troupe’s plays are “Not Sixteen Years Old”, “It’ll Be Alright” and “We Came”. Yael Gideoni has been the troupe’s director for its first three years, within the framework of Mashu-Mashu’s movement for community empowerment in Kiryat Yovel.

We are currently working on a new play about family stories – a day in the life of the Israeli family, today and fifty years ago, with the musical participation of Michal Lotan, another member of Mashu Mashu.
Our most important partners over the years include Ilana Avisar, Ilana Berkovitch, Brochi Weinstein, Tali Shechter, Sima Shahar and Rafael Tamam, the Shahaf Foundation and JDC Israel.